At What Temp to Pull Brisket

There are many distinct schools of opinion when it comes to smoking brisket. Some argue that the lower the heat, the tastier the brisket. Others believe you should start hot and quickly, then drop the temperature to complete. Others, however, think that you should begin slowly and gradually throughout the process. So, at what temp …

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About Tito's Vodka

How many calories in tito’s vodka? – Facts of Nutrition You’d Know

If it comes to a type of strong alcohol, surely Vodka cannot be ignored. This type of wine is increasingly popular with people, especially young people. So, How many calories in Tito’s Vodka? In some Eastern and Northern European countries this wine is often used for drinking. Today, with its wide popularity in many countries …

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What happens to your body when you eat too much protein

Does protein make you poop

Protein powder is an amazing and convenient way to add protein and to a lively and energetic lifestyle. But, Does protein make you poop? Yes, it can but it also depends. La Pulperia will respond to this question and provide additional information. Does protein make you poop Yes, protein can make you poop. According to …

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Sprite Zero

Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

Sprite is among the most popular soft drinks in many parts of the world. Many people are addicted to the citrusty, refreshing taste of this lemon and lime-flavored soda. Still, some are concerned about the caffeine content since several sodas have a certain amount of caffeine in their ingredients. So the question is, does Sprite …

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How to Store Dragon fruit

How To Cut Dragon Fruit Easily

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with bright color and a fresh sweet taste that stimulates the taste receptors. Let’s learn how to cut dragon fruit with step-by-step instructions with La Pulperia. We will teach you everything from picking ripe dragon fruit to cutting and making delicious dragon fruit delicacies from scratch.  How to Cut …

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