Breaking Down Khloe Kardashian’s Tense Talk With Kris Jenner About Managerial Flaws: ‘Fix the F–kups’

Khloé Kardashian is not pleased with Kris Jenner‘s role as her manager — and she’s not holding back.

During the Thursday, November 2, episode of The Kardashians, Kris, 67, was excited to present Khloé, 39, a pitch for a new project.

“I’m trying to figure out what [Khloé’s] next chapter might be,” Kris shared in a confessional interview. “She’s so funny and so smart and so articulate and so great with people. I thought, ‘Wow, you know what? I would love to listen to Khloé’s point of view on so many different things.’”

Kris thought her daughter had the perfect skill set to run a podcast, adding, “I really feel strongly that you should have a podcast, which now everyone is doing from their house. You could come over to Kylie Cosmetics down the street and you could record there once a week. I think you would really be a person I would listen to, and you are my daughter.”

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Khloé, however, wasn’t as interested in the idea because of the issues that could come up in the long run.

“But you have to weigh out risk vs. reward. Let’s say I am accidentally talking about [my stepparent] Caitlyn [Jenner] and I say Bruce for a second,” she said about the former athlete, who transitioned in 2015. “I would know that it was an innocent mistake — it wouldn’t be with malice intent. That little thing that seems so innocent, I could be annihilated for.”

Although Kris understood Khloé’s concerns, she still attempted to change her daughter’s mind. Kris, who also represents Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, tried to convince Khloé not to let fear control her decisions.

The conversation took a tense turn when Khloé pointed out how she hasn’t felt supported by Kris.

“I can’t take on other responsibilities like starting something completely new because I don’t have a team to lean on. I don’t have a management team. You are only there until the contract is signed and you disappear until you want to bring me the next contract,” Khloé claimed. “That is your choice. You are in your 60s and you have managed your ass off — you got all of us to where we are. I am not complaining about that, I am just pointing it out.”

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Khloé said her mental health took a hit because of how overwhelmed she has been in her professional life, adding, “I don’t have a middleman to go to to say, ‘I need help.’ You have no idea how I don’t sleep [and] how I can’t do any of the things I should be doing because I am trying to fix the f–kups.”

Kris, however, was more interested in making plans for the future. She acknowledged Khloé’s “frustrations” but still kept pushing the podcast project. In response, Khloé said it didn’t make sense for her to take on something new.

Khloe Kardashian Calls Out Kris Jenner s Managerial Flaws During Tense Talk
Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

“Before I take on another project, I need to fix the 20 that are so f–ked up. I don’t even know how to do that and you don’t even know how to do that. Because if you did then it would be fixed by now. And it’s not,” the reality star noted. “One of my frustrations with you is that there’s not a lot of follow-through after something is done. This is me talking to you as a manager.”

Khloé also questioned why she couldn’t get in contact with Kris about her career.

“When I get a hold of you hours later, that makes me boil in whatever my issue is,” she said about Kris’ frequent vacations and various dinners. “When you want to take on multiple clients, you have to fulfill their multiple and different needs. You don’t give enough to each one because you physically can’t. There’s no possible way that she can do everything on her own and have everyone feel that they are equally taken care of.”

Kardashian-Jenner Family Biggest Feuds With Friends Jordyn Woods Larsa Pippen Joyce Bonelli

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When Kris couldn’t offer suggestions on how to fix the problem, Khloé made it clear that she didn’t “trust” her.

“I have never had a team built in one of the other jobs I’ve ever had since I’ve been working for you. Do I have one person at Good American that represents me? Also from my management side, who can I call besides you that will give me an answer immediately? Because I can’t name one person,” she told Kris. “I never feel like there are people looking out for me. I have to do it all on my own in every single category and job I have.”

Kris stood by her opinion that Khloé was missing the bigger picture. Even though Kris thought she saw things “differently” than Khloe, she still wanted to offer her daughter a professional solution. Khloé, meanwhile, argued that her mother wasn’t listening to her.

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“There are issues that I have with my manager. Not my mom, my manager. When I try to address those issues, I get a lot of pushback and it is always guilt trip things that a mom would do. Those lines get very blurred. They are really gray,” she said in a confessional.

The discussion concluded with Khloé firmly shutting down Kris’ attempts at a resolution, saying, “What I am getting at is I am not going to continue the conversation and I am not talking to this bulls–t that you keep trying because I am never f–king heard. We put a band-aid over a bullet hole and she likes to patronize me and be like, ‘Everything is fine. We will work on it.’ It is all bulls–t. I am so turned off from all of this.”

Kardashian-Jenner Family Biggest Feuds With Friends Jordyn Woods Larsa Pippen Joyce Bonelli

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Kris stood her ground by asking why Khloé was “spiraling” in the wrong direction.

“You are just somewhere else,” Kris said. “I don’t want to put salt on a wound. I want your wounds to be necessarily taken care of. Calm down, Khloé. You are getting upset again, and it is just festering into these other things. It is not healthy for you.”

The episode ended with Khloé and Kris still at odds. In a preview for next week’s episode, Kris told Kathy Hilton and Paris Hilton that she didn’t feel at fault.

“Khloé’s mad at me because I haven’t been paying enough attention to her. She thinks I can be at four places at the same time,” she told the mother-daughter duo.

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In a confessional, meanwhile, Khloé made it clear she wants to address the issue, adding, “Things haven’t been resolved between me and my mom. We definitely need to talk things out.”

New episodes of The Kardashians air on Hulu every Thursday.

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