Breaking Down Marie-Lou Nurk’s Random Issues With Chrishell Stause on ‘Selling Sunset’

Jason Oppenheim’s ex-girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk had a lot of — seemingly random — reasons why she wasn’t thrilled with Chrishell Stause during season 7 of Selling Sunset, and Us is trying to make sense of it all.

Season 7 was filmed during Jason and Marie-Lou’s relationship. The twosome started dating in July 2022, 6 months after his split from Chrishell in December 2021. (Chrishell has since moved on with G Flip, whom she married in May.) Jason and Marie-Lou split that same month after filming wrapped.

Before season 7 even premiered on Netflix on Friday, November 3, Marie-Lou hinted she had issues with Chrishell. While listing her favorite real estate agents at Jason’s company, Marie-Lou left a few notable people out.

“I really love some of the cast members,” she wrote via Instagram Story in May while referencing Mary Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith,Chelsea Lazkani and season 6 newbie Nicole Young. “Mary, for example, is so sweet. Amanza is funny and smart. Chelsea’s also so smart and so funny. I love them. Nicole has the biggest heart. She’s a really good friend of mine. The rest is … OK. You have to watch season 7.”

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Chrishell later urged Selling Sunset fans to wait to form an opinion. “Would love to see your reactions AFTER you see the whole thing,” she wrote via Instagram after a clip from season 7 showed a small portion of her fight with Marie-Lou.

Scroll on for every issue Marie-Lou brought up against Chrishell on season 7:

Chrishell Ignored Her

Breaking Down Marie Lou Nurk s Random Issues With Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset
Chrishell Stause.Courtesy of Netflix

During the season 7 premiere, Marie-Lou told the other Oppenheim Group employees that Chrishell doesn’t acknowledge her.

“I just had this experience with Chrishell where she just said hi to me when Jason was around, and otherwise didn’t speak to me. It’s a bummer,” the model said about making an effort because she knows “how important” Chrishell is to Jason. “She totally ignored me. That’s mean girl s—t.”

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Marie-Lou went on to refer to Chrishell’s behavior as “threatening.” Jason later brought up the concern to Chrishell, who offered her side of the story.

“Maybe I don’t have full respect for the fact that you’re two decades older than her and I’ve seen you date several girls in this age range before [who didn’t stick around],” Chrishell noted before defending herself. “There’s not one time I’ve seen her that I didn’t open arms say hello and hug her.”

The way Marie-Lou addressed her issues didn’t sit well with Chrishell. “So I have the opposite effect of wanting to hang out because I’ve heard she doesn’t love when I’m around too much. So what do I do with that?” she asked Jason.

All Biggest Selling Sunset Feuds

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Chrishell Didn’t Ask Enough Questions

The former soap actress ultimately met Marie-Lou for lunch to hash out their issues. Their conversation took a turn when Marie-Lou said she wanted Chrishell to ask her more questions about herself.

“I don’t need to be interested in you. I need to be friendly with you. That’s the difference,” Chrishell said about her decision to be friendly but not friends with Marie-Lou. “It is not my job to ask you questions. I’m sorry, it’s not.”

Marie-Lou, however, argued it “would be nice” for Chrishell to make more of an effort.

“Because I’m Jason’s girlfriend, we could get along and just also talk,” Marie-Lou said. She attempted to praise G Flip for being more friendly than Chrishell, which ultimately led to Marie-Lou misgendering the nonbinary musician.

“This is the depth of our relationship where the most important person in my life, you don’t know their pronouns, which is totally fine,” Chrishell noted. “But my point is that you also don’t know me. I’m not going to be your friend. I don’t have anything in common with you.”

Chrishell Apparently Thinks Marie-Lou Is Jealous

Breaking Down Marie Lou Nurk s Random Issues With Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset
Marie-Lou Nurk.Netflix/YouTube

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Amid the awkward sit-down, Marie-Lou made the situation worse by calling Jason. “I’m here with Chrishell. I think she doesn’t really want to be friends with me and she told me it was because I was jealous. I was crying,” she claimed.

In response, Chrishell fired back that Marie-Lou’s recollection of events wasn’t actually true, adding, “I never said you were jealous. Those words never one time came out of my mouth. Not one time. … You know this is all on camera, right? I didn’t just say that. Am I going crazy?”

Jason showed his support for Chrishell over the phone. “She didn’t tell me that,” he chimed in.

Marie-Lou also floated the idea that there are still “feelings” between Chrishell and Jason, which the real estate agent shut down.

All Biggest Selling Sunset Feuds

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Chrishell Doesn’t Follow Marie-Lou Back on Social Media

While advocating for his then-girlfriend, Jason admitted that social media came up in his conversations with Marie-Lou.

“I think also you didn’t follow her on Instagram,” he said. “It might have been an accident, I’m not putting this on you. I’m just saying she took it as a slight.”

Marie-Lou denied that social media had anything to do with why she felt Chrishell didn’t like her.

Chrishell’s Compliments Aren’t Different Enough

Breaking Down Marie Lou Nurk s Random Issues With Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset
Chrishell Stause.Netflix/YouTube

After Marie-Lou hinted that she didn’t consider their past interactions genuine, Chrishell jumped in, saying, “Not one time have I ever not said hello and given you a compliment.”

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Marie-Lou wasn’t thrilled with the explanation. “It’s always the same compliment and it’s always in front of Jason,” she replied.

Chrishell and Marie-Lou ultimately didn’t work out their issues before the end of the season. Due to their feud, Chrishell largely avoided Marie-Lou and her friendship with Jason declined as well.

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