Drake’s Son Adonis, 5, Drops a Verse on ‘For All the Dogs’ — And Fans Don’t Know What to Make of It

Drake Son Adonis Drops a Verse

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The biggest featured guest on Drake’s new album isn’t Bad Bunny, Chief Keef, J. Cole, SZA or 21 Savage — that credit goes to his son, Adonis.

Adonis, who turns 6 on October 11, made a surprise appearance at the end of “Daylight,” one of the tracks on For All The Dogs, which dropped on Friday, October 6. After Drake, 36, closed out the track by repeating, “Shot him in daylight,” his son came in to deliver his verse.

“Don’t talk to my man like that / I like it when you like it,” the young boy raps. “You know which one you want / I don’t care which one you want / You can take whatever / I don’t care what you do / I will always, watchin’ for you.”

The reaction to Adonis’s first career verse, however, was mixed.

Curly-haired cutie! Drake and Sophie Brussaux’s son, Adonis, arrived in October 2017 and made his social media debut more than two years later. The rapper posted pictures of himself and the toddler in March 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, writing, “I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the […]

There were many who joined in on the praise. “The Adonis [feature] on ‘Daylight’ is unironically [fire],” tweeted one listener. “Adonis was floating on Daylight,” said another. “Adonis’s first feature on daylight got me like [dancing],” wrote a third fan, while a fourth person hyped up Drake’s son even more. “Little Adonis came in hard on daylight, can’t even lie. Go ahead, boy!”

Many compared Drake and Adonis to the iconic Dragon Ball father-son duo Goku and Gohan, implying that they were unbeatable. Others shared memes saying Drake and his boy were like Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant during their time on the championship-winning Los Angeles Lakers.

Drake Son Adonis Drops a Verse

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However, the reaction to the song wasn’t unanimous. Many used the “Guy Taking Off Headphones”/José Mourinho meme to show they weren’t happy with Adonis’s sudden appearance. “Is that Adonis rapping on daylight?” tweeted one person. “Tell bro don’t ever do that again.”

Adonis has been all over For All The Dogs – literally. His drawing was used as the album’s artwork, and he appeared in the music video for “8 AM in Charlotte.” At the start of the video, Adonis – who Drake welcomed with artist Sophie Brussaux in 2017 — explained the full piece to his dad.

“So, it’s the same story,” Adonis told Drake. “So, the goat was running away from the other monsters and the other animals, and a flower [was] blocking the way. The flower was on fire. The racing car was maybe helping the goat, and there were some stairs – like a jail’s stairs, and there was one person who was, like, on top, and he got killed by the track.”

Drake always impresses Us with his raps, but his wardrobe is just as noteworthy.  The hip-hop star — who released his eighth studio album, For the Dogs, in October 2023 and has amassed five Grammys, 29 Billboard Awards and countless other accolades — tends to play it cool when it comes to his personal style. […]

When Drake asked if his name being by the goat meant that he was the GOAT (“greatest of all time”), his son said “yes,” noting that the animal is “Daddy GOAT.” When Drake asked if he wanted to share how much he sold the artwork for, Adonis sighed.

“Oh, please,” the little boy quipped.

For All The Dogs marks the end of Drake’s prolific streak, having released four full-length projects in two years (solo albums Certified Lover Boy, Honestly, Nevermind and For All The Dogs, and the 21 Savage collaborative album Her Loss). Ahead of the release of his latest LP, Drake said on the latest episode of his SiriusXM show, Table For One, that he’s taking a break from making music to instead focus on his health.

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