Lili Reinhart Highlights ‘Makeup Free’ Skin in Topless Photo, Gets Candid About Her Acne Struggles

Lili Reinhart Highlights ‘Makeup Free’ Skin in Topless Photo, Gets Candid About Her Acne Struggles
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Lili Reinhart went bare — and topless — to highlight how her skin has transformed after years of acne issues.

“Since I was 12, l’ve struggled with acne,” Reinhart, 27, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, October 5. “My skin has suffered consistent breakouts, hyperpigmentation, redness and scarring.”

The Riverdale alum revealed that she feels “impassioned and motivated to find solutions for not only myself, but others who struggle as well.” She added: “This is my skin now, makeup free … no filter. I can’t wait to share more about what I’ve been working on 🧚🏻‍♂️.”

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Reinhart shared a series of topless selfies, which focused on her clear face and shoulders, as an example of how far she’s come in the fight against acne. The actress’ blonde hair fell naturally across her forehead in the sun-kissed pictures.

Fans were quick to praise Reinhart for her vulnerability, with one writing in the comments, “So relatable 🥲 you look amazing!”

Reinhart’s boyfriend, Jack Martin, also celebrated her latest venture, replying to the post, “Physically shaking.”

Lili Reinhart Highlights ‘Makeup Free’ Skin in Topless Photo, Gets Candid About Her Acne Struggles

Courtesy of Lili Reinhart/Instagram

The Hustlers star is known for her openness and honest comments about her skin — the good, the bad and the stressful. In fact, Reinhart often shares pictures of her breakouts on social media to help her followers feel seen.

“It makes you feel like s—t when everyone on TV or in the movies has perfect skin because it’s just not realistic,” Reinhart exclusively told Us Weekly in August 2017. “I look at myself on [Riverdale] and my skin looks pretty perfect, but it’s not in real life. It really isn’t. It’s smoke and mirrors, really. I have cystic acne, so I get major breakouts and have to go to the dermatologist all the time.”

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Reinhart noted at the time that her skincare routine included an acne cleanser, rosewater toner and retinol cream for pimples.

“I take major care of my skin. I feel like when it comes to the health and care for your skin, you have to go back to the basics,” she explained. “I use St. Ives’ apricot scrub — it’s not super rough and it gets the job done. The point of exfoliators is to get dead skin off the face. It needs to have some grit to it. The scrub is definitely gritty, but it makes my skin feel like a baby’s butt when I’m done.”

Reinhart’s candid comments also stretch to body image and her insecurities that come along with living in the spotlight. Last month, she got real about being overly self-critical of her physique after feeling like normal bodies aren’t represented enough.

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“I wish there were more average sized arms represented in mainstream media for women. My body dysmorphia has been going crazy because I feel like my arms need to be half the size they are currently?” Reinhart wrote via X, formerly known as Twitter, on September 14. “We’ve glamorized these skinny arms that, for most of us, can only be achieved if you’re a literal adolescent.”

She then wondered “how anyone survives or gets through this life without having severe” body dysmorphia before asking if her recent thoughts were “a cruel amplified version in combination with my ODC.”

Reinhardt confessed, “The amount of time I’ve wasted thinking about my arms in the last few months is insane.” She concluded by telling her followers that “they aren’t alone” in their body struggles.

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