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Androuet, Spitalfields MarketI’ve never had fondue before and now I’m wondering why I have been 27 years without it. I love cheese, I love any form of carbs and I love eating to the point where I feel sick. If you fall under any of these then you NEED to go to Adrouet. This post is VERY picture heavy so brace yourself for cheese overload.

Androuet is a restaurant and shop in Spitalfelds market in London that specialises in all things cheese. Cheese in bread, cheese on its own, cheese in pasta and cheese fondue.

Oh yeah and cheese ice-cream! Do you think i said cheese enough then?

Both of us had never had a fondue before so we we were going to Androuet especially to try one! Unsure of what or how much to get we decided to get a bit of everything and in the end it turned out we’d pretty much ordered spot on!

A three cheese fondue pot…

Fondue at Androuet, Spitalfields MarketNew potatoes and LOTS of bread…

Bread at Androuet, Spitalfields Market…and quince jelly, caramelised onion chutney and truffle honey.

Quince jelly, truffle honey and caramelised onion chutney at Androuet, Spitalfields MarketCheese fondue at Androuet, Spitalfields MarketCheese fondue at Androuet, Spitalfields Market We sat for a couple of hours at Adrouet and by the end of it we were scraping the crispy cheese off the bottom of the pan and had eaten ever single bit. CHEESE CHAMPIONS.

ALL that only came to just £11 each! How good is that. The bits of sweet stuff like the quince and honey we got to go with the rich cheese was a really good idea and if someone asked me what to have I’d say exactly what we got.

Oh yeah, remember I said about that cheese ice-cream?

Well we tried it … and my face speaks for itself! I actually tastes like cheese … in ice-cream … with walnuts. If you go, get it and share it between two just to see what I mean!!

Cheese Ice-cream at Androuet, Spitalfields MarketCheese Ice-cream at Androuet, Spitalfields Market The cheese filled coma kicked and we felt we could never eat again. Until we walked past and saw a Nutella naan bread and miraculously we were okay. Dessert always goes down a different hole anyway. I seriously love this place. I’m not a big fan of wine but they seem to have a huge selection so if you like cheese and wine your at the right place! No booking required, turn up grab a seat at Androuet (and a blanket if its nippy) and get ready for cheese heaven.

Androuet (Spitalfields Market, 10a Lamb St, London E1 6EA, United Kingdom // 020.7375.0642)

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