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Hightea of HighgateHightea of Highgate I recently moved North of the river and Its opened up a whole new part of London for me. I mean, I’m always exploring, but I like I when you find the non touristy bits; the real best bits of London.

If you haven’t heard of, or been to Highgate Village, its a beautiful part that doesn’t feel like your in London at all. It has some lovely pubs, a green grocers, butchers and some VERY expensive houses that some VERY famous people live in.

Right in the centre of the village is High Tea of Highgate. The prettiest little cafe serving cakes, scones and tea!

Hightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateGiven the area and how lovely the cafe is, it is really reasonable and absolutely delicious. Afternoon tea of 2 warm scones and a cuppa is only £6.95 (or just the 1 scone for £2 if your being good) and the slices of cakes and brownies are never over £3.50. That may sound expensive for a slice of cake, but for London (and something this tasty) that’s really good!

Hightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateThe scones come out warm with lots of proper clotted cream and jam…

Hightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateAnd the lemon curd cake was so fresh, soft and sharp!

Hightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHighgate is a really lovely place to walk around of an afternoon and this a really good choice to stop for a cuppa and something sweet. Just nice to see a different side to London sometimes! If you don’t want a cake or a scone (whats wrong with you), they do brownies and flapjacks. Even a small bit of savoury if you don’t want sweet. Then you can stop by the estate agent windows and realise that if you want to live here you need to win the lottery. We can all dream.

Hightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of HighgateHightea of Highgate  (50 Highgate High St, Highgate Village, London N6 5HX, United Kingdom // 20.8348.3162)

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