Nick Viall Says Outcome of ‘Special Forces’ Fight Against Tom Sandoval Was ‘Some Bulls—t’

Nick Viall is “kind of annoyed” with the outcome of his fight against Tom Sandoval on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.

“When the fight ended, in my head I’m like, ‘Holy s—t I won this thing.’ I didn’t think he punched me at all,” Viall, 43, shared on the Tuesday, October 17, episode of his “Viall Files” podcast. However, Mark “Billy” Billingham (a former British Special Forces Operative who acts as a directing staff member on Special Forces) thought differently.

Nick Viall Says Outcome of Special Forces Fight Against Tom Sandoval Was Some Bulls—t 424
Nick Viall.Pete Dadds/ FOX

Billingham, 58, declared Sandoval, 41, the winner. Viall’s initial reaction was, “what the f—k.”

“When we got done fighting … Billy’s like, ‘If you’re surprised about the outcome,’ … He’s like, ‘This is all about getting back up.’ Or some bulls–t like that,” Viall said, noting that he wouldn’t have fought so hard if he understood that was the goal.

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Before throwing punches at Sandoval, however, Viall was quite apprehensive.

Nick Viall Says Outcome of Special Forces Fight Against Tom Sandoval Was Some Bulls—t 423
Nick Viall, Tom Sandoval.Pete Dadds/ FOX

“I had never been in a fight before, I was like, ‘This is going to be interesting,’” he recalled during Tuesday’s podcast episode, sharing that they filmed “three different rounds” of fights. “When [Sandoval] fell and I was punching him they stopped and let him get back up.”

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The rules of the fights were as follows, according to Viall: “We don’t want you boxing; We don’t want you dancing; We just want you throwing as many punches at each other’s heads as possible.”

Viall also recalled Sandoval’s fighting style.

“Apparently, he was a high school wrestler, which made a lot of sense because he kept trying to pick me up,” the former Bachelor star shared. “So, there’s that time where it looks like we’re tripping and he falls and — it’s because he’s trying to pick me up.”

Sandoval, for his part, referenced his high school wrestling career on the show.

“When I wrestled in high school, there would be guys that were better than me, but I’d wear them out,” the Vanderpump Rules star said, noting that because he refuses to “give up,” he had a good chance of winning.

Before going head-to-head with Sandoval, Viall said that he has a “fighter” inside him, but he clarified that it has “never come out in a physical altercation” before.

“I hope my competitive nature will kick in,” Viall added on the show.

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This wasn’t the only competition that Viall and Sandoval had going on during their time on Special Forces. Ahead of a prior challenge, the stars had a side bet going on.

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“On the way up, Tom bet me $100. He was like, ‘Do you want to bet 100 bucks?’ They didn’t show that,” Viall recalled on the October 5 episode of the “Viall Files” podcast. “He’s like, ‘A side bet,’ and I was like, ‘Sure.’ So, we had 100 bucks riding on it.”

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