Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers Questions Timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll’s Relationship

Southern Charm s Olivia Flowers Questions Timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll s Relationship 255
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Olivia Flowers raised questions about Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll’s relationship timeline on the latest episode of Southern Charm — and things don’t fully line up.

“Taylor told me that she and Austen had a conversation about possibly being in a relationship. The timeline of it though … is what knocked the wind out of me,” Olivia, 31, told Shep Rose during the Thursday, October 5, episode of the Bravo series.

Olivia, who dated Austen, 36, last year, explained that Taylor, 28, and Austen’s relationship chat transpired “after New York.” (The cast reunited in NYC in September 2022 to film the season 8 reunion. At the time, Olivia confirmed she and Austen had recently called it quits — but later explained that he tried to get back together before the end of the year.)

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“You guys were hanging out then. You and Austen,” Shep, 43, pointed out, which Olivia confirmed. “It’s just messy. It’s just not good,” she added.

Olivia proceeded to fill Shep in on the rest of her conversation with Taylor. “She’s like, ‘I went to my brother to talk about it. He went to his sister to talk about it.’ It’s crazy,” Olivia shared.

Shep, who dated Taylor for two years before splitting in July 2022, was visibly surprised by everything Olivia told him. “That’s crazy. Running it by people means there was more than just a friendship,” Shep replied. “I don’t know what to say. Maybe she just needed some arms to run into? But for him to be those arms, considering you and me is f—king reprehensible.”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Olivia vented to pal Leva Bonaparte about Taylor’s revelation and why she was uneasy about everything.

“[Taylor] said there was a time where after New York [she considered dating Austen],” Olivia told Leva, 44, on the phone, noting the discussion between her BFF and ex-boyfriend took place “when [Austen and I] were in the thick of talking about fixing things with us.”

Olivia confessed: “That’s the part that just feels gross.” Olivia later told the cameras that the news of Taylor and Austen possibly being a couple didn’t sit well with her.

Southern Charm s Olivia Flowers Questions Timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll s Relationship 254

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“During this time that [Taylor’s] saying they had a conversation I was in California for three days. The entire time I was gone, Austen was reaching out to me and telling me to give him another chance,” Olivia said in a confessional. “Taylor was a huge reason why I chose to forgive him. Then a week later, he suddenly has a change of heart.”

Taylor, meanwhile, told Austen on the phone that she was “well within my right” to consider taking their friendship to the next level.

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“When Austen and I had that conversation, Shep and I had been broken up for about two months. Austen and Olivia … were they ever together?” Taylor said during her confessional. “It was very confusing. I just never knew where exactly they were. At that moment in time, they were not on speaking terms.”

When Shep confronted Taylor about her relationship with Austen, Taylor claimed, “I’ve never been close to hooking up with Austen!”

Austen, however, continued to play coy about what really happened between the pair following their “sleepover.” When Shep asked Austen, “If you all hooked up would you tell me?” Austen replied, “Define hooked up …” The episode ended with a “to be continued” message.

Southern Charm airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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