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Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts

Warning: Do not make this recipe for Thanksgiving Brussels sprouts unless you are prepared to bring them to every Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of your life. These bacon-wrapped bites are sweet, salty, and seriously addicting. 

Perfect Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts

When cooked properly, Brussels sprouts can taste nutty, sweet, and caramelized with a touch of earthiness. If you or a loved one is a Brussels hater, chances are you’ve only enjoyed them boiled or steamed. When roasted they take on a deep and delicious caramelized flavor that can’t be beat.

For the simplest method to Brussels sprouts success, follow these simple tips:

Brussels Sprouts Pairings

Because of their unique characteristics, Brussels sprouts pair perfectly with ingredients that mirror their smokey, earthy, nutty, and sweet flavor profile. It’s ideal to choose one ingredient from each of the following categories:




Sweet/ Tangy

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are popular for Thanksgiving due partly to their seasonality. Because they are a fall and winter vegetable, Brussels sprouts are harvested during the holiday season. Their flavor profile and the ingredients they are best paired with are also perfect accompaniments to Thanksgiving classics like turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce.

If you’re a fan of classic Brussels sprouts pairings but are looking for a unique take on how to serve them this Thanksgiving, look no further. This recipe for Thanksgiving Brussels Truffles is a sure crowd-pleaser.

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Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts

Tyler Anastasio PrintServings: 30servingsPrep Time: 15minsCook Time: 30minsTotal Time: 45minsThese Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts made with a pinch of cream cheese, dates, bacon, and a maple/mustard glaze are irresistibly addicting.







*Use regular-cut, not thick-cut bacon for this recipe. Thick-cut bacon takes longer to cook and is more difficult to wrap around the Brussels. Your bacon should be at room temperature so it will mold around the Brussels sprouts halves. If your bacon is not at room temperature, you will likely need a toothpick to help keep it secure.

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