The 10 best places to get brunch in Berlin

The 10 best places to get brunch in Berlin

From classic German spreads to Insta-friendly avo toast, Berlin’s brunch offerings have something for all tastes

Fine Bagels

Fine Bagels

So, you’re in Berlin for the weekend, and you’ve just experienced its nightlife scene for the very first time. Chances are you’re feeling a little worse for wear, and you’re in desperate need of some buttery eggs, some innocuous protein and of course, some avocado. Yep, you’re in need of some brunch. And lucky for you, Berlin has it in buckets.

From Insta-worthy vegan doughnuts to Lebanese spreads, there’s a million and one different places to get your fix in the city, but only a selection of them are really, really great. So we’ve picked the best brunch spots in town that are worth the trip (and your hard-earned cash). So put on those sunnies, find a spot in the sun and get that flat white down ya. You’ll feel better in no time.

The best brunch places in Berlin

House of Small Wonder

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1. House of Small Wonder

What is it? Brunch with Japanese flavours in a light-filled courtyard.

Why go? Pull up a chair and prepare to be wowed by the rich flavours and textures at House of Small Wonder. Originally from Brooklyn, the Berlin outpost relocated to the historical Jewish Girls School on Augustraße in Mitte. Here, you can enjoy the stunning open-air terrace as you dig into a plate of eggs benedict with wasabi mayo or luscious avocado toast with wakame.

Price: Mid-range

2. Silo Coffee

What is it? One of Berlin’s first brunch superstars.

Why go? For years, Berlin lagged behind in the brunch department; Australian-owned coffeehouse Silo shook the city out of its droll rut to the tune of fresh-baked eggs and avocado toast. Pop by for a dose of third-wave coffee or hearty French Toast made with fresh brioche and poached apples, then swing by the Sunday flea market around the corner.

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Price: Mid-range


3. La Maison

What is it? A canalside boulangerie with baked goods to write home about.

Why go? There’s a fierce debate over who serves the best croissant in Berlin, but La Maison might just win the popular vote. Perched on the side of the popular Landwehr Canal, the French boulangerie offers sweet treats and savoury snacks a-plenty. Come early to swipe a table on the terrace, or take your breakfast to-go: the canal is a perfect spot for people watching.

Price: Budget

Brammibal’s Donuts

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4. Brammibal’s Donuts

What is it? Vegan doughnuts dressed to the nines.

Why go? It’s no surprise vegans flock to Berlin, and Brammibal’s Donuts makes the pilgrimage all the more worth it. Stocked with freshly coated vegan doughnuts to pair with dairy free flat whites in Insta-friendly pink cups, there are half a dozen locations in Berlin alone, and they’re all hotspots for locals hoping to indulge their sweet tooth or enjoy a just-toasted bagel. Come early; the stock is known to run out by midday when it’s sunny.

Price: Mid-range

Markthalle Neun Brunch Market

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5. Markthalle Neun Brunch Market

What is it? Monthly street food fair with a brunch twist.

Why go? The monthly brunch market at Markthalle Neun is not to be missed: vendors dealing snacks from South Korea to Sardinia line the halls, handing out on-the-go portions ready to be devoured. Table space is hard to come by, but feel free to take your brunch to-go for a walk in any of the nearby parks.

Price: Mid-range

6. Lonely Hearts Cafe

What is it? British caff classics meet American diner treats.

Why go? Many miss the sounds, sights and scents of home. At Lonely Hearts Cafe, Brits and Americans alike can nurse their homesickness with stacks of pancakes, fresh fry-ups, and even a veggie Full English. It’s a popular spot in Neukölln, so be sure to get there early — Lonely Hearts Cafe doesn’t take reservations, but the hashbrowns are well worth the wait even if it’s busy.

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Price: Mid-range

Hallesches Haus

Advertising Hallesches Haus

7. Hallesches Haus

What is it? High-end brunch with decadent pastries.

Why go? Styled like a high-end outfitter for weary travellers and traders, Hallesches Haus is home to a menu full of classic scrambles and homemade granola, plus decadent pastries we can’t get enough of. Fuel up at the Instagram-friendly café before heading across the canal to sightsee around Checkpoint Charlie or down the road to Bergmannstrasse for shopping.

Price: High-end

Fine Bagels

Fine Bagels

8. Fine Bagels

What is it? A taste of New York.

Why go? Hand-rolled and boiled, the New York-style bagels at Fine Bagels in Friedrichshain are the best in the city. The shop is also home to one of Berlin’s most extensive collections of English-language books for sale, so cosy up in a window seat with a weekend read and be sure to try something from the extensive list of schmears.

Price: Budget


Advertising Azzam

9. Azzam

What is it? Locally renowned hotspot for a hearty Lebanese brunch.

Why go? Berlin is rich with kebab shops and hummus by the ladle, but Lebanese takeaway Azzam gives its competition a run for their money. Swing by for a brunch of delicately seasoned tabbouleh, the chunky chickpeas of a musabaha plate, or the fatteh, in which deep-fried pita chips are drizzled with a sweet, tangy mix of cashews, yoghurt, and spices.

Price: Budget

10. La Femme

What is it? Turkish meats for a savoury treat.

Why go? With plenty of Turkish joints spread across the city, La Femme stands out as one of Berlin’s best. Tear into a plate of cheese and relishes with a few fresh simits – circular sesame-seed bread – or try the menemen, a traditional dish of scrambled eggs with any number of toppings from tomato and spinach to olives and garlic sausages.

Price: Budget

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